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Thin, Lightweight, 4mm Value Engineered Glass and Stone Mosaics
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Thin CoverQUIK glass & stone tiles


Can CQ thin tile be installed
on the floor?
Only residential bathroom floors
and shower pans, and ALL interior wall tile applications.

Can CQ thin tile be installed in
pools underwater?
Yes if installed according to TCA guidelines.

Can CQ thin tile be installed in
other wet areas like showers
and tub surrounds?
Absolutely, including tile over tile.
Our thin tiles are perfect for that.

Can I use a wet saw to cut
CoverQUIK Tile stone products?
Sure, but it’s not necessary.
Tile nippers work great to snap
our thin stone tiles.

Can I use a wet saw to cut CQ Tile glass products?
Yes if a glass blade is used.
A standard hand held inexpensive glass cutter hand tool (wheel) works even better.

Are CQ stone tiles presealed?
Yes. No need to seal them.

Can I store CQ setting products freezing conditions?
Like most adhesives, Set N Grout, and
Simply Put membrane should not be stored in freezing areas.
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